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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Belated Christmas Cards

I sent out Christmas cards this year...
Okay 'sent out' isn't exactly the truth.  I had Christmas cards printed.  I sent out a few with family Christmas boxes, the rest of the box is sitting on bedside table.  The orange package occasionally waggles it's tongue at me.....
Oh well.
I kinda just wish I had picked something that didn't say 'Happiest Holidays.'  I like Christmas cards and letters, I like knowing what you did this year and seeing the cute pictures.  Maybe I should've picked one with a line like, 'Here's What We Look Like This Year.' Or, 'Look, Matching Sweaters!'  That way I can procrastinate even longer and when it showed up in February you'd be all, 'Random, but look at their cute sweaters!'

Of course all the pictures on the card are from the summer of this year, because the rest of the year we were in perpetual transition.  So I only took pictures of my kids on the beach, rather than parked in front of PBS kids.  The only pictures of Scott and I are from when we took that first picture with our new house keys, the rest of the year I spent in sweatpants trying to find things that we misplaced in all the shuffle.

The only part about Christmas cards that I don't like is that they seem to perpetuate the 'put together' gerbil wheel that we are all caught on.  The letters say things like, 'Abby participated in middle school band, was very happy to learn Ode to Joy on the flute.'  Not, 'Abby was diagnosed with anxiety, because of the perpetual bullying that she experiences at school.'  We put coordinating clothes on our children, and our spouses begrudgingly shrug into some shirt that 'matches,' and we pose and smile.  And edit the shots so that no one sees the one where Carys is crying because it's way too cold out and her matching sweater isn't keeping her warm enough. Or the one where I am in the middle of talking, so one eye is closed and my mouth is skewed mid know, the one where you look like you've just been smacked upside the head.

The best part of this whole debacle is that I am planning on sending most of the cards to my friends from college.  These people know me way too well.  They've seen me sprawled crying on the floor of a dorm room over some dumb unrequited crush.  They've seen what I act like during finals week.  I cannot pretend with these people.  Not at all.  And that's why I like them.

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