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Friday, January 24, 2014

Dirty Underwear

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Expury
I saw this quotemat the gym the other day, I'm sure itmwas posted to spure you on to sign up for one their personal trainers, but it didn't make me think about my physical fitness.

"So what's your goal?" a friend asks. He's just made the switch to making a living off his art full time.
" Uh, blah, blah......" I don't really know.  I know that back when I was producing art full time I sold well.  People like my art, I make pretty things.

But my head spins with ideas; children's books, home design, blogs, novels, paintings, prints, etc.  So what is my goal? What do I want to be when I grow up?

I mean, I'm grown up....I have a mortgage, for pete's sake.

Since this has been a year of transition and more transition, ending in a loss I have but to catch my breath. In a lifestyle that could get swallowed up in caring for children and home having your own goals is hard, some find it next to impossible.  It's easy to slip and get swallowed up in my children's every need and ten years from now throw my hands up and realise it was all just a wish.

So what's my goal? I am going to start small.  I can handle small.  I can't handle large life goals, I can handle one thing.
You can see my spin bike (still in the box in the corner)
So I first am going to set up my studio.  Here are a few shots of the room that is going to be where all the magic happens...
PAINTING SUPPLIES!!!  I think these will go to the

A dollhouse that our neighbor gave us, and one of
those cute cube organizers...not so cute when
shoved in the corner filled with random junk.

I have no idea where that screen came from.
Crowbar...our house is clearly baby proofed

Wow so that felt like I was posting my dirty underwear.  Now that you seen that...well I don't think we can get more intimate.

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