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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polar Vortex Activities

"Do you want to play with play doh?"
"Do you want to color?"
"No..." geez, what am I going to do with this kid.  She's jumping about me, and putting those cute little feet all over my remaining nerves.  I know that if I find an activity to engage her in I will be able to recover some of those nerves.
Google 'rainy day activities.'
Here I've noticed I need 'snow day activities,' as well.  And now I need 'polar vortex day activities.'
There seems to be a lot of days in New England where I don't want to deal with what's blowing in the wind.  My search usually lands me on someone else's cute little blog.  Often a homeschooling Mom.  Lots of bloggers seem to homeschool.  Is that a thing?  Does anyone know?

Most of the activities usually involve making something completely adorable with all the awesome crafting supplies that I should have lying around the house....well, I don't, have those things, I mean.  I'm not about to go buy them, because it's a polar vortex out there.  (Doesn't it defeat the purpose to go buy stuff to make cute homey hand crafted stuff?)  The few times that I have spent about an hour making awesomely cute things for my children to play with, they play with them for about ten minutes and usually not in the way intended.  Then I am left with the 'do I let them just do whatever they want or do I show them?' dilemma.  Which if your first child is anything like mine if you show her how to do something 'properly' she bursts into tears and rejects it, and then if you ever bring it out again, because the child has a memory like an elephant, she will shake her heard vigorously and refuse as if you've suggested diving into rat infested sewers for your afternoon activity.
One 'rainy day' activity that I ran across was allowing your children to fingerpaint in the bathtub.  I have fingerpaint, some brilliant relative gave it to me.  I can't remember who, but I am thankful.  So stripped them down, gave them Styrofoam trays of fingerpaint and let them go at it.

I tried to get shots that were 'Adam and
 Eve-esque,' so as not to offend.
See the strip of paint on Carys' tummy?
That's not the only place it was by the time
they were done.  

Look they're right in the tub, so you can just bathe them.
The bathwater will be less than clear,
but they still end up clean, mostly.

There an hour, bam, killed.  With painting time, clean up, and bath time it was quite the undertaking.

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