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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Almost There

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

I finished the first part of my master plan....I 'finished' my studio.

Two attempts at painting and one frantic morning of work and it was done.

This was the first color that I started with:

 The photo on the left doesn't look so bad, but the one on the right does (I took a shot to compare it to the color in my dining room).  Neon green frog boogers.  I can't work in a space like that.

       So I took the paint back to Home Depot and had them add more black and brown, until I was pretty sure that the clerk was going to shank me so I gave up.  At home I added about half a gallon of white and ended up with this relaxing shade of green:

 So Glidden's Celery Sticks went from 'neon green frog boogers,' to a relaxing green tea shade.  I want to take a moment to thank my friend Abby, who was totally encouraging while we painted it, and did not tell me that we were painting my studio 'neon green frog boogers.'

Left: my easel and a painting that I started....I don't know, a long time ago.  That box of supplies will be eventually be broken down and put into the organization cubes you see below.  'But that won't fit in there Lara,' you say.  Oh, I will make it.

Right:  Here you see those cubes.  They are yet to complete.  We bought them off Craigslist, so we need to go buy the actual baskets, to cover up the junk I put in there.  (I've realized it's not about not having junk, just putting the junk in cute containers.)  Those green shelves have play dough, blank paper, stickers, and all manner of crayon for the girls to get out and play with on their own.  Which once I showed it to them they immediately pulled out and plopped on the floor and colored.  I felt very victorious.  Hanging above is a drying live for all the girls paintings.
Left: A drafting table that my lovely neighbors are lending me.  Emma drew on it.  It's very clean now.  Eventually there will be birch trees painted behind it on the wall...
Right: A desk that another friend gave us.  I want to paint it peacock blue....we will see if that happens.  I might just change out the pulls and call it a day.  Behind you see my yoga mat, I actually did yoga in my studio this morning.  It was fabulous.  I would also like to point out that my daughter's Cinderella wand is on the desk, I was told to poof fairies...I am still not sure what that means.  Hopefully there will be shelves above the desk for more storage of junk.  I just saw a cool DIY idea in HGTV magazine with crates....

So now I have my little sanctuary.  This morning while doing yoga I found myself daydreaming about all the projects I can do, each pose flew by as I contemplated the color of the walls and what to hang on them.  

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