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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bathroom Art

If you're like me you've got a pile of kid's art that looks like this:

Or you're a grandmother who has art from a grandchild, or you're a teacher who has art from a student.  You get the idea.

If you're like me you've got a few blank walls to decorate.

I dug through this stack of art and found three paintings that all matched.  Emma was apparently going through a blue and green phase.  Or she had just used all the other colors and that is what we had left.

You can always orchestrate this as well.  Have a day of a certain color, Blue Day; eat blue food, paint a blue painting, wear a blue shirt, find blue things on the way to the store, etc.  Then frame the blue painting to match Mommy's blue living room.

You could also give your child the two predominant colors in a room.  Be careful if your living room is decorated in yellow and grey, combining yellow and grey will end up looking like muck.  Complementary colors when mixed turn into brown.  So if you have a guest room decorated in orange and blue, and you give your children orange and blue paint, you will end up with brown paintings.  A solution to this is to give them a color and white, then ask them what happens when you combine the two.  Instant art lesson and, hopefully, a frameable art work.

Here are the three paintings I picked:
 All three laid out together.

A progression from blues to greens.

A closer shot of one.  Ignore my thumb in the corner.

Of course now that I have pointed it out you're looking at it.

I picked up this frame from A.C. Moore.  They were having a 40% off sale on this line of frames.  Craft stores seem to put their  table frames on sale quite often.  It is worth buzzing through them every once and awhile if you have something in mind.

 I moved the mat around on each painting to find which composition I liked best.

I looked for places where she had left some of the paper showing through but had mostly covered the whole space with paint.  I also looked to see if there were any particular brush strokes that I liked.

Once I had all the paintings in the mat and taped down I went upstairs right away to hang it.

I soon realized that this is one of those frames with two hangers. Getting the nails in the walls at the exact place has driven me to profanity on more than one occasion.  Since that room has horse hair plaster and horse hair plaster is difficult to hang paintings on (it crumbles and is really hard to put a nail through, once I swear it rejected the nail)  I didn't want to have a lot of mistake holes.
Here is my solution, I put lip gloss on the hangers and then when I tapped them to the wall they lift a mark.

You can just barely see the mark in the picture to the right.  Much clearer in real life.  Using something goopy that was sure to stick to the wall and that will eventually wipe off seemed to be the best solution to me; fingerpaint, tempera paint, etc.

Then I just sunk the nails right above the dots of lip gloss, and there it is; art in my bathroom!

I wanted something I wasn't too worried about getting ruined.

I have seen tons of pictures of kids in the bath tub or at the beach in the bathroom.  Decorating bathrooms in a beach theme always kind of makes me laugh, like, well we get wet at the beach and we get wet here....

(Now that I think about it, I know so many people that have beach themed bathrooms...I'm the worst.)

If you have pictures of your children in the bath in your bathroom, don't be offended, it's still super cute.  I just need to be different.

Or difficult....

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