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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hiding Junk

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

I know what you're gonna think about this next post...I can hear the thoughts.  'She's posting this?' 'I can do that.'  'Why is this blog material?'  But hey, I have made some goals, and being more of a divergent thinker rather than a convergent thinker the goal went kind of like this...'I'm just gonna post every little silly crafty thing I do.'

So here it is.
If you're like me you've got a pile of kid's art in your house that looks like this:

And if you're also like me you've kept it in a shoe box that looks like this:

Notice the small piece of masking of masking tape labelled 'ART.'  I am awesomely organized.

Anyway...if you're also like me you're cheap.  So instead of buying some adorable box to hide it in I gift wrapped that box with gift wrap. I keep some wrapping paper on hand in patterns that I like, if I see some in a store I just snag it.  I have used cute wrapping paper in more projects.  I also save wrapping paper from gift people give me.  Yes, just like your depression era Grandma.  I have turned into 'that person' that opens gifts like 'that.'
It's also green.  At least that is what I tell myself in my head.

 This is called a 'museum fold.'  This is also how you fold canvas around a frame to stretch it.

You start like this:

Then you fold like that.

Then you fold like that:

Then you tape the heck out of it.  I just used scotch tape, if I was feeling more hard core I would have used packing tape.  But I was not, and I could not find packing tape.  I'm sure have it...somewhere in my house...

My eldest 'writing a book' next to the completed box.  She was right next to me the whole time I was doing this.  Like, literally, touching me.  Which is why I put their art supplies in my studio and leave the door open.

(Yes, that is her pile of art behind it, on the floor.)

So now I have a cute shoe box to put their art in, instead of an ugly shoe box.

Like I said before, it's not about 'not having junk, just putting your junk in cute boxes.'

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