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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Name this Mess

On a regular basis I go into my children's room and I see this.
Then I see this.
I personally like that the baby is all sprawled out.

Like she just woke up from a bender.  Notice that she is naked...the other day after we had a bunch of children over I went into the room to find all the baby dolls lined up and stripped down.  I thought, 'who's perverted child did that?'  So I asked, "Emma who took all the baby's clothes off?"
"Me, they needed a bath."
Oh, my little pervert did that.

Then I see this.

Then I see this.

Like the basket of dress up clothes is Mount Vesuvius, spewing it's contents onto poor hapless Pompeii below.

Then I see this.

I like how all the toy baskets are completely empty.

It's like my children woke up from a night in Vegas, you almost expect to see a tiger in there....well there is, but he's made by Playschool.  I am waiting for the day when Carys turns to me and says, 'Dude, where's my car?'

If you can rename this mess in a way that makes me laugh out loud, literally, laughter must burst forth from my lips, I will knit you a hat or a scarf of your choosing.

You cannot say 'Toypocalypse,' or 'Toymageddon.'  I have already thought of those and adding '-mageddon' and 'pocalypse' to things is getting old enough to make me not laugh at it anymore.

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Matthew Talley said...

basket to his buddy basket during basket flu season: dude, coming out both ends for you too?