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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Side Table

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

I proudly posted that quote last week hoping to shame myself into getting more work on my house done.  I did...kinda.  I took some of the junk out of the room that will be my studio...and then filled it with more junk!

No, I painted a side table.  I have a few pieces of Craiglist gold that are waiting in my basement, to be painted with a fresh of some color that I love and placed proudly in my home.  The first to go was this side table.

It appears to have started as an oakey color, some parts white, and then someone painted it this brick red color....but only parts of it.  I don't like that look.  I think because I had an Ikea dresser as a child that was half white and this oak color and it was always breaking.  So I associate it with cheap furniture.  I also think it look lazy, just paint the whole thing.
I love the look of old furniture that has been painted and re-painted, chips in the paint reveal all the layers of history that is written on that piece of furniture.
Coat number one
Coat number two
I started by painting the table in a color that was an epic fail in my dining room.  Behr's 'Red Hot.'  The color is on a little chip, and is in their 'saturated' line, I think that means it's not meant for a whole room.  Oops.   I can post pictures of that 'fail' later.  I didn't bother to prime because I want the paint to keep chipping with natural wear and tear, so why would I apply a substance to the table to keep it adhered if eventually I want it to chip off?

Then I painted it Glidden's 'Peacock Blue.'  This looks way more
Azure than it actually is in real life.  The color is more teal in person.

Note the small child already
playing on it.
They went after it the second I set it up,
like flies on rotten fruit.
 The table painted completely blue.  I immediately realised that my
children are going to play on the table.  I sucked down my urges to
chastise them and send them running.  Mostly because I don't want to
be that fussy Mom.  ('Don't slide on that, you'll ruin your socks!')
Then I when I could think it through, don't I want them to play on it?
Won't that bang it up more and add more to it the distressed feel?  In conclusion the 'shaggy chic' look is great for homes with children.
 I took 100 grit sand paper and sanded the table in strategic places.
I went where I thought natural wear would go, on the edges, knobs, etc. I also just randomly chose spots to sand.  The sanding took down some of the gloss finish on the paint.  I debated varnishing it, but then I thought...I want it to be scratched up, why put on a protective coating?
(This could be an excuse for lazy painting...)
The finished product, complete with stacks of hat boxes
that I have been toting around since college, saving them to use
to decorate the house that eventually I would own....
a modern day version of a hope chest...maybe?

Just a few more scratches!

 The only thing that I wish I had done differently was sand the table before I started painting.  I reasoned that I wanted a beat up look, and sanding helps to adhere the paint to the surface of the old finish.  Glossy finishes are non-porous and have a harder time with adherence.  So you rough it up.  I didn't mind some of the old paint and wood showing through, but what I discovered is that it would sand right down to the old polyurethane finish rather than the coat of 'Red Hot' that I had applied.

While this may not look like progress towards becoming a working artist, it is.  This table finished means that there is just one more project banging around in my head that is done.  One step closer to setting up my studio.

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