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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's for Preschool

"Emma, do you want to go pick out Valentine's for your preschool class?"  I ask, having just received notice that I am expected to provide Valentine's for her entire class in two days.
"No," she answers, I hold my mild shock in my mouth.
"Because I don't love everyone," she has a point there.
I wasn't sure that I was going to make it to a store with Valentine's in the next few days, and didn't want to make a special trip for little cards I knew were going to end up in the trash.  Now knowing that my child was not excited about the prospect of selecting or making Valentines'....
What's a Mom to do?

If you're like me you've got a pile of kid's art that looks like this.
                            I picked out a few paintings that were in Valentine's appropriate.

And by that I mean obnoxiously red and pink.

(A quick explanation; Emma loves to paint.  She prefers it to drawing.  She is four, I don't know if you ever let a four year old paint before, but if you give them all the colors they turn the whole palette into a brown mucky mess.  I, myself, remember turning palettes into brown mucky messes.  So whenever she paints I let her choose two colors, so she ends up with clearer more enjoyable paintings, and a more enjoyable experience.  I remember getting frustrated by my own brown mucky messes.  She made these painting on her own, I did not force her to choose red and pink.  Although I could have...)

I flipped the 'painting' over and grabbed a little wooden heart that was sitting about in my studio, and traced them onto the 'painting.'  I put the hearts in the spots were there was the most paint.

Cookie cutters also work great for tracing.

I glued the cut out hearts down to card stock.  I try to keep a pack of inexpensive around the house.  I'm always surprised how often it comes in handy.

(I am now going to mention that I did this all with kid's safety scissors, because I couldn't find my real scissors.)

The I just cut out each heart leaving a wide-ish border.  I just free hand it, but I suppose you could draw the border if you were not comfortable with free handing.  I just wrote a simple message on the back of each card.  (If I had better handwriting that would have been more awesome.  But I don't.)  Had I been feeling more ambitious I could have written messages on the front.  But I was not ambitious.

There you go, I saved myself a bit of money by using what I already had on hand, and recycled some of my daughter's art.

In case you're wondering, Emma was not upset when I showed the cards to her, she was pretty neutral.  If you were afraid that she would get upset that I had cut up her artwork.  I have never framed it that way, so I'm not sure she even knows she should get upset at that. 

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