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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Sugary Thoughts

I'd love to tell you that I feel clean, in my Lenten fast.  That I feel smoothed out, healthy.

Mostly I want to shove my face in some cake.

You read that right, not, 'shove cake in my face.'  Shove my face in some cake.  The whole face, bam.  Frosting in my eyebrows.
I hear it's good for the skin.
It's not.  I made that up.

I have been surprised, I crave something sweet after almost every meal.  I used to eat sugar first thing when I woke up.  Cookies taste great with coffee in the morning.  Then something after lunch.  Then something in the afternoon.  Then something after dinner.  Sometimes I could withstand the temptation.  Most of the time I could not.
After my father died my ability to say 'no' disapeared.
'I'm gonna eat this.'
'And then this.'
'And how about this.'
'Are you gonna eat that?  Because I will.'
I was eating store bought cupcakes.  Who eats those things?  I did.
Food seems to be a little flatter lately.  I desire the pendulum swing from sweet savory.

And how silly is all of this?  Sweets are not a necessary part of our diet.  I'm sure that sweet serves some evolutionary purpose, a sign that something is good to eat.  Sweet may have meant safe.  Fruit is sweet, and that is certainly good for us.  Although some die hard anti sugar fans claim that we probably shouldn't even eat fruit.  I think that's a bit silly.  But distilled sugar, from sugar cane or other 'ose' sources have become such a huge part of our diet that to go without it seems hard.  Or flat.
I have been shocked at what seems so much sweeter to me now.  Oranges.  Red wine.  A random handful of my kid's Berry Cheerios.  So I suppose in a way it has been cleansing.

And I've lost four pounds.
So, you know, that's a thing.

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