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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sugar Sugar

"What are you thinking for dinner?" Scott asks, over my shoulder.  I am hand laying the rest of our bathroom tile.
"I don't know, I can just throw some tater tots in the oven and we can make sandwiches," I respond.
"This is something to be celebrated," he gestures at the completed bathroom, I am now washing my hands at the sink.  I begin to give myself a gentle lecture, 'he is trying to love on you, stop being cheap, and let him do it.'
"Okay, all I know is that I want french fries." In about a half hour a chicken kabob sub, some kind of philly cheese steak, and a chicken finger plate were delivered to our door.  The chicken finger plate is overflowing with french fries and onion rings.  Just what I want after finishing a long day on my knees applying mortar and cutting tile.  I devour half my chicken kabob sub and am happily shoving french fries in my mouth.  I've never been a fan ketchup, I always mix  mine half and half with mustard.  One is too sweet the other is too, well, mustardy, and blended into an orange pile on my plate they are perfect.  A sweet concoction it is not.  About mid bite into a stolen chicken finger from my daughter's plate I realized something,
"Ketchup has sugar in it," I threw down the bite and scooped the bottle of ketchup.  Sure enough, high fructose corn syrup is the third ingredient.  My Lenten sacrifice broken only four days in.

I gave up 'refined sugar.'  In that I have included anything from the sugar cane plant, corn syrup, and any ingredient ending in 'ose.'  I have allowed myself to eat maple syrup and honey.
But Lara honey and maple syrup are basically, chemically sugar.
Look, I make my own rules.
Besides have you ever met any processed food that is sweetened solely with honey or maple syrup?  I'll you think about that for awhile....
I haven't either.

Later while we were doing some scant clean up I mimicked myself,
"This has sugar in it!"
"Lara said about everything," Scott replied.  It had been a oft heard phrase in the past few days.
My favorite salad dressing.  Every kind of hoagie, hot dog bun, or oblong bread product for which to make into sandwiches in the store.  Except for one local bakery, thank you Sclafani's.

I've heard that sugar has been added to much of our processed food when we started taking fat out.  I had thought that was true, but I was exempt from that phenomena because I don't eat any 'low fat' processed food.  I didn't know that my favorite salad dressing was 'low fat.'  I just liked it.
We've also added sugar to a host of health foods to make them more palatable.  Like 'whole grain' breads.  Almost every whole wheat bread out there has sugar in it, or molasses, or corn syrup, or honey.

I've  become a little tired of what I have to eat.  I made myself some 'cookies,' that are sweetened with honey.  There is a still almost a whole pan of them left...clearly I don't love them.  Because if I did, they'd be gone.  When the urge to snack strikes, I find myself coming up a little light on options.  Or is it 'lite?'

This week I had the stomach bug, a reprieve you might think.  As I lie there thinking about all the foods I might send my poor husband out to purchase for me I realized that I could not eat any of them.  Gatorade? Sugar.  Ginger ale?  Sugar.  Vitamin Water?  Sugar.  Ginger candies?  Sugar.  I ended up on tea with honey and ginger.  And least I can eat those.

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