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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sweet Potato and Collard Green Pot Pie

There it sat, dessert.  Someone had brought Monkey bread to our Seder Dinner.  I wasn't even really tempted.  I've noticed that when you know you 'cannot,' those little devils on your shoulders lose some of their grip.  I was chatting with the person next to me, I confessed my Lenten promise,
"Oh, you can eat what you've given up on Sundays," she said.
"Sundays are feast days, and saint's days..St. Patrick," she nodded.  I looked around the room, heads were nodding.  I didn't know this.  I thought it was cold turkey for 40 days.  I almost didn't eat it, that seemed like cheating, especially when I had gone into this thinking I wasn't going to eat any sugar at all.

But then I did.  My friend offered to leave it, there were jokes about eating it all in one day.  I might have, had I not been in polite company.
Scott did the grocery shopping that afternoon.  While we were putting them away he held aloft a container of Ben & Jerry's, Chubby Hubby,
"Want to feast with me tonight?"
"You bet I do," we did, there is no more ice cream in our house anymore.
I would've expected that much sugar in one day to make me sick.  It didn't.  My body devoured it, ferried it away into the parts of my physiology that seemed to be missing sugar the most.  Maybe because I hadn't had it in so long, I was clearer, there wasn't such a back log to make me feel sick.
I've been wondering what I will do after this 40 days, return to my wanton and un-tethered ways?  Or somehow try to limit myself?

Today I used sugar in a recipe.  A slippery slope I have found myself on.  I had the idea of using some leftover collard greens in a pot pie like dish.  At a Thanksgiving dinner I went to a year ago there was a kale side pot pie side dish passed around.  Being a fan of using kale in, well, everything, I took note.
I wanted to top it with sweet potato biscuits, I found this recipe. Really Paula, two heaping tablespoons of sugar.  I cut it down to one.

Don't think I went all Martha on you
the flower cookie cutter was the first one I
grabbed.  I thought it would get my
oldest to eat it...I was wrong.
Today Scott turned to me after dinner.
"I want something s-w-e-e-t," he spelled out.
"You did the grocery shopping this week, you could have bought something," I gently punched his arm.
"I didn't out of deference to you," he replied.
"Just because I made that decision doesn't mean that the rest of you have to," I reply.
A few moments go by,
"Do you mind if I take Emma out on a d-a-t-e?"
"Sure," um, I mean yes, can I help you get her coat on right now?
"I could take both of them," he says.
"You don't have to, up to you," I really meant it, but I sure helped him get out the door.

Maybe this has a way of working itself out.  Sure I would've loved ice cream this evening, but instead I got forty minutes of time.  Quiet time.  I wrote this blog in my head while I cleaned the table.  That's right, I could think while accomplishing another task...imagine.

Sausage and Collard Green Pot Pie
1 lb pork sausage
1 half onion
2 carrots
Half bunch collard greens
1-2 TB flour
1 cup water
1 cup milk
Pepper to taste
1 recipe sweet potato biscuits (see above)
Begin by sauteing the sausage in a large skillet or stock pot.  Add onions, carrots, and collards in that order as you chop them. Add flour and mix in.  Saute until sausage is cooked through and collards are tender.  remove from heat and add the water and milk.  Add pepper to taste whenever you are near where you keep the pepper and remember it.  Grease a 9x13 pan, pour sausage collard mixture into pan.  Roll out biscuit dough, cut and lay on top of mixture.  Bake according to biscuit directions.

In retrospect I could've subbed the sugar out for maple syrup.  Maple syrup tastes good with sweet potatoes, right?  Maple glazed sweet potatoes, I think I've made that before.

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