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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


"I just feel so accomplished right now," I said, looking up at Scott.  I was on the floor of the girl's room, sitting in their bean bag chair.
"I mean both girls are clean..." it was right after bath time.  One of those good baths, with no fights over toys.  I had clipped finger nails, brushed teeth, and brushed hair. They were soooooooooo well taken care of, if anyone were to walk in right now they could not argue that these children were not cared for and loved.  I usually feel like that after baths, like, 'look what I did.'

There is sort of an ethos floating around about how hard parenting is, so much focus on 'vomit on my shirt,' or 'I haven't showered in days,' or 'they won't stop screaming.'  If one were to peruse blogs you'd start to wonder, 'why do we do this?'  It's a good question.  We are so focused on individual autonomy that we don't see the big picture, that we need other people to live.

But I digress, every now and then I feel like I am winning this.  I started parenting in a state of petrified shock.  'When will she hit puberty and hate me?'  'What am I going to say that is going to send her to the therapist's couch?' 'How will my flaws as a mom shape them negatively?'  I've had to relax, or else I would've cracked.  Sometimes my oldest will do something that will floor me, like share with her sister without being asked.  Or pick up her clothes without being reminded.  Or say something kind to a stranger.

I usually take my eldest grocery shopping with me on Sundays, in the produce section she flung her arms around my neck and hugged me.  Another mom looked over me and said,
"Those are the best moments," I nodded from my hunched position, neck still held in a four year old's vice.  I agree, those are the best.  I'm not talking about those moments though, kids are smart they are going to hug the people that feed them.  They also have a serious case of Mommy and Daddy worship.  I am talking about those moments when you realize all this hard work is worth something.  When a lesson you've been working on forever has finally sunk in or the one thing that you fail at you accomplish (like getting everything clean all at once).
I want to spread that love around.  So hit 'share' and put a 'win' on it.  Tell me about a time when you feel like you're winning this parenting thing.  If you can get me to cry I will knit for you.

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