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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Brown Paper Packages

"Mommy can I help you?"
Uh, ummmmmm, no... Stink.  I want to reward her sweet little impulse, but I'm making soup and I'm not so sure a four year old should be given a Santoku knife.  I also just want to do it on my own.
Because I have that much of a perfectionist in me.
Because I want to do something without the interference of children.
Because I had a vision.
Sometimes I say 'no,' because it involves knives and I can't think of how to make it safe for her.  Sometimes, when I am feeling generous I say, 'yes,' and adapt whatever I am doing to include her.  After all I DO NOT want to crush the 'can I help you,' spirit.
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If you're like me you have a gigantic pile
of packing paper that looks like this:

Scott pulled this off a painting that his mom sent him and said,
"This looks like it should be useful."
I agreed and ferreted it away in a messy corner of my office.

If you're like me you've got a bazillion birthday parties to go to the in the next month.
And if you're like me you hate wrapping paper.
And if you're like me you hate wrapping paper.
How can you hate wrapping paper, Lara?
I feel like I'm buying trash.  Within moments that paper that I wrapped around that parcel is going to be thrown away.  It probably wont' be recycled, because it's a mess and no one wants to straighten that out and pull the tape out.  It hurts my little crunchy heart.

 So I wrapped several presents  in all the brown wrapping paper.
But brown wrapping paper isn't all that exciting for little ones.
I don't really have any bows or any ribbon.
Well, I have ribbon but it's in the basement in some random box that I was rifling through looking for something else, and thought,
'Oh, ribbon, I'm going to want that, I should pull it out.'
And promptly forgot it was there.
 I do have paint and sponges.

The two little packages to the right were my original vision.  To use the star shape in place of a bow.

Then I got distracted by some mothering that needed to happen...

Then I left the door to my office open with a pallet of paint on the floor..
You did what?
I know, I do it all the time.  I have a very casual relationship with paint.
Too casual.
Carys found the pallet and the package.

She did what you see to the left.  I later came back and added the unadulterated stars.

During the time I was distracted by all the mothering I was debating letting the girls finish the painting anyway.  Did I want it to be perfect?  Or did I want to create a memory for them?  Did I want to complete my vision?  Or did I want to make it fun for them?

Carys decided that for me.

To the right are Emma's painted packages.  I would have put more stars on, but I think she was imitating the little ones I had finished.

I know that the other parents that will be recieving these gifts for their children will think it's cute that I let the girls paint them.
So what does it matter?
Really not a whole lot.
My vision is not all that important this time around.

Pinterest worthy?
Ah, hell, yeah!  Because my kids had fun.

What is the point of beautifully wrapped presents anyway?  We just rip them apart and throw it on the ground.  I mean, throw it away.  If you like doing it, go ahead.  If you don't, like me, here's an alternative.  Reused packing paper, some small children, and paint.

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Rachel Orie said...

I love this! It's funny, too, because who knows, they could have the most amazing vision in their own heads too, and we'd never's so great of you to let them experiment and see what comes out!