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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To Eat or Not to Eat?

Easter always seems to sneak up on me.  I am usually reminded of it in my peripheral vision as I wizz through  the grocery store.  Cheap chocolate bunnies, and bags of pastel colored candy tell me that our celebration of Christ's resurrection is coming.  As I run by each product I make some mental note of whether I need it or not.  I usually run by the candy not wanting to waste calories on Hershey's.  I no longer buy the egg dying kits once I realized that you can just use food coloring, vinegar, and boiling water.  It's true, read the the back of the food coloring package.
Because really in the depths of my heart I am very cheap, most of these things don't get popped into basket...
Then it's the week before and I realize that I have nothing.  I have not bought chocolate for the girl's baskets, I have not purchased some form of roast beast for dinner, I have not bought those extra eggs for dying.
Somehow, this year, I managed to outsmart myself, a least just a little bit. We have been eating a lot of eggs, so I have too many eggs on hand, and I bought toys for the girl's baskets on Amazon (I needed to hit that magical $35 for free shipping.).  I do need to make an extra trip to the grocery store for beast and chocolate.

This always saddens me, the buildup for Christmas leaves us almost panting for the 25th to arrive.  You cannot forget that it is the Christmas season.  See, that phrase, right there, Christmas Season.  No one refers to the Easter Season.  Sure, I hear Lenten Season, but that just makes me think of self denial.  Not exactly the time to sip eggnog lattes.  Well, because if Starbucks was selling them, you'd probably have given them up.
Isn't the resurrection what makes our faith so unique?  Isn't that the turning point of truth?  I know His birth is remarkable, but the fact the final moments of Christ's life are what give us the heart of our faith.  He did this so we don't have to earn it.  Possibly the reminder of our sin that leads up to the Cross is why we don't make much fanfare.  Good Friday has to happen first.  And Good Friday has to happen because of sin.

Which is kind of a bummer.
I suppose most of us can get behind the miraculous birth of a baby.  Every birth seems miraculous.  And Christ was born of a fourteen year old virgin in a stable.  Icing on the cake.
Birth is amazing.
Death is hard.
But maybe death is amazing.
It is us, here, on the 'living' side, with empty hands that hurt.  Those that pass into the hands of God are in joy.
That's why we call it 'Good Friday.'  Death is good.  Death gives us to God.  Death gives us an end to suffering.  Shouldn't we rejoice in that?
Shouldn't we rejoice that Christ passed into God's hands so that we could too.  Shouldn't there be more fanfare than there is at Christmas?  Shouldn't I notice more?
Yes, I haven't eaten dessert for the past 37 days (except on Sundays), but let's be honest that's more because I felt out of control and I knew that only God could give me the self control to shut my mouth.  It wasn't about remembering Christ's suffering.
I've thought about fasting from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  I haven't decided yet if I will.  There's a nagging thought in the back of my head that will be hard feat to do with little kids. I kept wondering if that was just an excuse not to do it.  Then when I asked Scott about it he said,
'Wouldn't that be hard with them?' his hand gently flicked towards our two little girls.  If he points it out, then there must be some credence to it.  I don't want to not eat for 48 hours.  That sounds like a terrible idea.  But compared to what Christ went through it's mere discomfort.  Seems wussy not to.
Maybe I just skip lunch...
Which seems a completely weak compromise....but I better decide before Friday or I'm going to wake up and eat, and it will be all over from there...

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