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Friday, May 16, 2014

Old Becomes New

"Well, this is a gut," my real estate agent leaned in to the bathroom, she turned on her polished high heel and walked out.  I stood feeling insecure in my Target ballet flats...
"I don't know, I kinda liked the tile," I said.
I mean it was pretty dirty, she stopped and came back, she squinted up at the wall,
"I think I like the tile, and the wall paper, but not together," she gave me.
"Hmmm, I could see that," she was being generous with the wall paper.  There were many times that I felt that real estate agents should get some kind of psychology degree along with their real estate license.
This is what we were looking at:

Lace curtains, oh my!

I don't think you can tell, but that is rotting linoleum down there.

There is that tile, and it is aqua.
I don't know, I might be kinda alone on this one, but I like it.  Aqua is super in style right now.

Which means that it won't be, probably by the time that I finish writing this blog post.

That radiator is also painted sea green, I think they were trying to match the tile.
They failed.

Nope, the grout is not brown.  It is white.
Or was white.
Maybe at one time.
The 70s?  Maybe?

And mold!

So that mirror was actually mounted so that I could only see the top of my forehead in it.
I mean, I'm not the tallest of people, but c'mon.

There's that wallpaper.  I can see how someone would like it,
but I still think that my real estate agent was just being nice.

Maybe in a powder room?  With lots and lots of white.  Not with aqua tile, thought.
Not with aqua tile.

I thought you might like to see all the swans.
With the wallpaper, to give you the full effect of the room.

Well, we could not afford to gut the bathroom.  Which I was glad for, because I actually like the tile.
Have I mentioned that?

But we still changed a lot.
Scott ripped out the swan door, in an act of new homeowner aggression.  We removed the wallpaper.
We replaced the toilet.
We replaced the sink.
We had new tile installed.
We had a smaller window installed and put in a bigger and lower mirror.

And here is what we have today:
 The sink doesn't look that different, I know.  Here's the story: I was told (by my contractor) to pick out a 19" vanity, so I spent about three nights on picking out a vanity, because we needed it 'right away.'  Then it sat in the house for a month.  Then about a week from completion my contractor went to install it, it barely even fit in the bathroom.  He told us to pick out a pedestal sink.  Then my plumber looked at it and said, 'I think you're going to need a wall mount sink.'  Then my contractor called my husband and told him that we needed a wall mount sink, and needed it now.  So my husband returned the lovely pedestal sink that we bought and spent all afternoon driving around the North Shore and we ended up with almost the exact same sink.  I wanted an oval one.
But, hey, look at my awesome DIY shower curtain!
And that is a brand new toilet.
Everybody loves a new toilet.

Look white grout!
About a day before we moved in the bathtub was full of construction trash and a shopvac.  Two very lovely friends of mine cleaned out the bathroom and bleached the tub.  I am very thankful they did because I am pretty sure that if I had to get that close to the dirt I never would've been able to use the tub.
Ignorance is bliss.

The art is my daughter's, that I reframed.
I wanted a grey paint that would work for both the upstairs and the downstairs bathrooms.  I chose Misty Moonstone by Glidden; a really light grey that shines blue in direct sun.  The shade will probably become the color of my porch.  If we get around to painting the exterior before Glidden stops making that paint.

The radiator got a coat of white paint,
as did the trim and door.

I actually had a hard time finding the right trim paint.  I wanted a paint plus primer in a pure white gloss, and Home Depot does not carry gloss, they carry 'high gloss' or 'semi gloss.'  I landed at Lowe's with Valspar's Ultra White, in a gloss and paint plus primer.
Lowe's also supplied the new medicine cabinet.  I know that I am supposed to hide all those bottles in cute little packages, but if I don't see my allergy medication I don't take it.  Maybe when Better Homes and Gardens photographs my house I will hide it.

I wasn't quite sure what floor tile could mix with the tile that we were keeping.  Most of the tiles that are in style now are rather large and didn't fit with the small bathroom that we have.
So I Googled 'retro bathroom design,' then I said a little prayer of thanks when I saw the yellow and mint green tile that was in style in this same era.  I also saw that a lot of the bathrooms had this mosaic style tile.
And I love it.
You know how dogs will rub their faces on the ground, and then roll onto their backs?
When this tile was installed I wanted to get down on all fours and rub my face across it.
I didn't.
But I thought about it.

Hey look, I can see my face in the mirror!

I wanted to do a fun funky vintage oval mirror.  Scott wanted a medicine cabinet, so we could put actual toiletries in our bathroom.
He won.
We also got this medicine cabinet at Lowe's.

I am happy to say that mounting the medicine cabinets on the wall was a team effort.  I re-learned how to use a drill.  Had been awhile.

That is a very detailed account of my bathroom.
I hope you enjoyed it.

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