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Monday, June 30, 2014

I Love Technology

I finally did it, I finally got an iPhone.
'Yes, Lara,' say all my friends on Facebook, 'we've noticed.'
I've never been one for technology.  all seems so ephemeral.  One day this the hot new thing that can do this cool thing, you buy it for top dollar, and then soon there's something new and better that made the other thing obsolete.  The cycle gets played out again, and it has made me cynical.
Actually I think I was already cynical about it in middle school.
And I've only gotten worse.
Every time I got a new phone I would excited.  I would play with it eagerly for a few days and then realize that all it did was receive phone calls and take mediocre pictures.  I would give up and it would live in the bottom of my purse until I remembered to look and see if anyone had felt the need to contact me.
The whole iPhone kept building and building.  Then I was getting texts I couldn't read.  Or texts that got split up into six texts, that got sent to me out of order.
This whole blogging, internet marketing thing, seems fueled by the use of iPhones.
And people were always just staring at them all the time.  I mean what is the fuss?
So after a few discussions with my husband, where he told me I didn't need one (I mean no one really needs one).  I pointed out that he had one.  He says he needs it for work and work is paying for it.  Then I would huff around because I am not important enough to need one.  He would counter with the fact that I am important...
More huffing.
Eventually we decided to get me an iPhone.
(Sometimes I really hate being a stay at home mom, I feel like a vocational bottom feeder.)

Then I got one.
Sometimes I just pick it up and stare at it and think,
'Do something cool.'
Then it does something cool.
Or, I tap on things until it does do something cool.
And I've realized what everyone is always staring at.

I've caught myself ignoring people so that I could finish up one last round of Candy Crush Saga.  Then thinking,
'Is crushing little animated candies really more interesting than another human being?'
Probably not.
I think I have to take technology with a grain of salt.  Any time it helps me with connect with people on a deeper level or make my social connections stronger I should use it.  Anytime I find myself ignoring someone so I can play a game? ( I am currently stuck on level 29 and it is maddening. I like to think that Candy Crush helps keep my mind sharp, you know, using new thought pathways for strategies.  Keeps me from developing Alzheimers, or, you know, just in case I ever need to thwart a land war in Asia.)
I should probably lose it.
I already deleted it off my phone.
Then I downloaded it again.
That is really embarrassing.

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