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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Advent-ageous: Christmas for the Lazy

For a large portion of my young life I kept hoping that one day I would turn into an 'adult.'  One day my hair would straighten and look lovely all the time, instead of deciding each day on it's own how it wants to curl.  I would look good in beige sheath dresses, my feet would enjoy wearing heels, and I would somehow manage to never be caught in public in anything I might wear to the gym.
This still hasn't happened.
Did I mention I would also be super organized.
This still hasn't happened.
The advent of the advent season (like the pun?) every year, sneaks up on me.  Like a possessed jack in the box, silently moving toward me through the fall, then BAM it's December 15th and I have done nothing.  I need a few days of recovery from the crush of Thanksgiving, and that reprieve somehow leaves me lagging.
Christmas is not a competition Lara.
I know.  But I'm losing.  

No elf on the shelf.
Don't worry about it Lara, that thing is creepy.
I agree.
No thoughtful advent calendar, hung where my small children can excitedly turn over each day in preparation.  And if I do get it out, I forget to incorporate it into our bed time routine.
Kids grow out of that.
I know and by the time I remember to do it, they'll be too old for it.
No awesome organized bedtime schedule of Bible reading to teach my children the message of Jesus.  
Does that even exist?
Yes, it does, and even though we read the Bible to our children every night, I still, haven't done it.
No beautiful hand crafted gifts.
Wait I thought you make a lot of stuff?
I do, one year I made peach jam, one year I made cranberry sauce, one year I made Christmas ornaments, you get the picture.  However I am always nervous that I am the child handing the dandelion to the adult.  Everyone kindly says thank you, only to throw away the sad little dead flower while the child is not looking.  So whilst they are hand crafted I am always nervous they are not beautiful.  
(Yes, I've said this before, and yes, my relatives always tell me the gifts are lovely.)
No huge shopping spree.
I mean, we usually spend more than we should, and spend some time in January letting our debit cards stop smoking.  But there is no Black Friday in this house (I do usually experience a twinge of regret, what if I did just miss out on buying a four dollar flat screen television?)  

I feel like every year I sit in a group of women who are complaining about how stressful the holidays are, and I sit there thinking, 'but we're making this stress ourselves.'  No one says we need to any of this.  Nobody.  Especially not the man who's birthday we are celebrating.  

Advent is magical, and a time that is special.  Advent is the only part of winter that I actually enjoy.  January seems like one big hangover.  So we should do something to make it more special.  
So over the next few days and weeks (or whenever I find time) I am going to write about advent for the lazy.  Or advent for the unorganized.  
There's a popular mnemonic device I keep hearing, 'Something they need, something they want, something to wear, and something to read.'  This phrase was created to inform the way that you buy gifts for your children.  A way to keep it simple.  I'll use this as a framework for the blogs I write.  

Of course, I really have no idea what I am doing.  So with each blog I would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on how you've kept this time of year simple.

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