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Monday, December 1, 2014

Something to Read

Today is December first.  The day that always takes me by surprise.
The day that I realize I should have put together that lovely handmade advent calendar, like yesterday.  Or that I should have hung the advent calendar that my sister-in-law gave me, like yesterday.
When I sit down to read to my children tonight I realize that I should have come up with some plan of attack for our nightly Bible readings, like yesterday.

It's also my eldest brother's birthday.  Which means I should have sent him a card, like yesterday.

This year I may have won this round.

I feel like every idea I see trounced across Facebook for advent calendars is super crafty and takes lots of forethought and organization.  I can craft with the best of them, but forethought and organization?  Now, those things I do not have.  Most of the time when people post things they have done for advent my face starts to hurt and I shut down, it's just all so much.  I also would have had to have it done, like yesterday.

Now, don't get all offended if you're one of those people that loves doing all these things I made fun of.  That's great.  If that's what you want to do, then by all means do it.
But if you don't want to, then you don't have to.
And you're not less of a person.

At least that's what I tell myself.

One of my more organized friends has in the past taken twenty five Christmas books and wrapped them in wrapping paper and each night at bed time her children can unwrap one and they will read it.  When I saw her pile of lovely wrapped books, my heart warmed, those children will remember that forever.  Then my heart dipped, I will never have my stuff together to do that.  Ever.
And it's just so wholesome.
I do, however, have a pile of Christmas books.  I stuck them in the box with the all the Christmas decorations.  I pulled them out when I brought the boxes up from the basement.  There it is.
Something to read.  I didn't have to organize anything, or pay attention to the date.

Now for that whole Bible reading thing....
The ladies that I'm in a community group with have a running text.  One of the ladies texted us this little link a few days ago.  A schedule for reading though the Jesus Storybook Bible during advent.  I thought, 'we have that Bible, I love that Bible, it's still November, I can print that out.'  And tonight when our bed time routine was falling apart because my two year old refused to eat dinner, for only reasons that two year olds understand, I was able to sneak up next to my husband and hand him this little piece of paper with this schedule.
The one thing that is a challenge is that we both put the girls to bed.  One night I'll do it. One night he'll do it.  So whatever we do both Scott and I have to know about it.
This was perfect, print it out, stick it in the Bible.  Neither of us has to think about it, nor does it have to add extra communication to our marriage, which if you've been married long enough you know that doesn't always happen.

I probably should read something myself for this time of year....

Maybe I can think about that next year, before December first....

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Erica said...

We have had success with Advent readings the last few years because we don't force ourselves to do it every night. We average about every third night when everyone is in a mood to do it and we catch up--read a summarized version. We always end singing a carol and laugh at our mistakes, but I want my kids to be introduced to the carols. And, we don't always have every family member present. The older ones do it if the younger ones just need to go to bed! Striving for perfectly organized and executed perfection takes the joy right out of it. Last night we read around the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate with whip cream on top!