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Friday, December 5, 2014

Something To Wear

'Something they want, 
Something they need,
Something to wear, & 
Something to read.'

I'm not sure that what I wear during the month of advent makes my life more complicated.  
Ugly Christmas sweater parties?
Okay, that's kinda fun.
Cocktail Christmas parties?
Let's face it at about any of those parties in America it's completely acceptable to wear jeans.

I have a few events during Christmas that I need to look a wee bit fancy for, but nothing really that stresses me out.  I'm at the age wear I've started buying what I like and what looks good on me as opposed to what is trendy.  My clothes are lasting longer because of that.  I also have started practicing buying fewer and nicer items, rather than lots of cheap items that fall apart or pill in a few months.

The only thing I can think about is that I haven't bought much lately to refresh my winter wardrobe and I'm already sick of my clothes.

It's only the fifth of December.
I am in so much trouble.

A friend approached me a few weeks ago about an event called Dressember.  Where you wear dresses the whole month of December to raise awareness and money for women who've been exploited for their femininity.  She's going to do this.  I thought it was a good idea, maybe a little silly.  'What would wearing dresses all month long do to help a woman being sold in Cambodia?'  Besides all the women that live in countries where they would be required to wear a dress are warm countries.  Right?
Because I live in New England.  And it is cold here.  And I can wear pants.  And almost all my dresses are summer dresses.
So how would me freezing my, ahem, off all December help anyone?
When I heard about this challenge I thought, 'I bet a Californian made this up.'  Sure enough, Dressember is registered in California as a non-profit.

And when it comes to raising money I am the worst.  Seriously, cursed, every fundraiser I have laid hands on does nothing.  I don't know why.  

Today I saw my friend in her dress.  
Then I found out another friend was also participating in the event.  
I felt a little bit like a cad.  I should wear a dress for a month.
Might make me a little more thankful for that closet of clothes I am sick of wearing.  
Might make me think a bit more about other women who don't have the choices I have, rather than pouting because my favorite black sweater is now pilly.

Guilt sneaked up the back of my neck.  I felt a little convicted.  Trafficking, poverty and the plight of women are issues that are so close to my heart.  Why can't I do this?

So about five days late I joined Dressember and am committing to wearing dresses all December.  So help me out, all the funds raised will to go to International Justice Mission to lift women out of exploitation and poverty.  
I guess for me 'Something to Wear' is a dress.

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